Unify your Flickr, MSN, Facebook, Twitter, and AIM accounts


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If you love social networks and have active accounts on many of them, you might want to check your entire online social profile at once instead of jumping from one site to the next.

That's where OrSiSo comes in. This excellent application lets you control your activity on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Friendster, and LinkedIn, as well as manage instant messaging on MSN, Yahoo!, and AIM.

The application uses the same interface for all your social network accounts, notifying you of updates and new events, helping you get in touch with your friends, and letting you upload new content right from the application. This way, you'll never need to use your browser to access your favorite social networks again.

OrSiSo greatly simplifies how you manage your social life online by unifying all your accounts on one platform and showing all your notifications in one place.

Apart from that, the application can stop sending notifications while you're on your computer, so it won't show pop-up notifications when you don't need them.

OrSiSo is an essential application for your online social life.

Requires Adobe Air

Uptodown X